You can be part of STAY Connected!

STAY Connected is composed of diverse community members supporting and learning from each other. We are welcoming and inclusive. All members, young and “older” are encouraged to help each other and provide support and new learning as we build community together.

Join our Gatherings and workshops: Meet our young members and adult community members. Share food and information and discussion. Build connections with us. Share your knowledge.

Bring a friend who needs the support of STAY: Ask a friend to join you for a workshop or gathering. Introduce your friend to the adults.

Become a volunteer: Help with driving or gatherings or other short term projects.  Help a teen navigate the path to college or work. Provide connections to help teens get jobs or career information. Share your knowledge and skills. Short term, specific support based on your skills is much needed and appreciated. Not a long-term commitment.

Become an advocate/mentor: Connect with a young person and build an on-going relationship of support. Start as a teen or young adult sharing what you have learned from your experiences, or join us as a mature adult and share your lifetime wisdom and experiences while connecting with amazing young people. Stay connected over time.

Reach out and respond to a friend or young person in your life: Spend time, help them make connections, be supportive, ask us for more ideas.

Donate: While our adult advocates are volunteers, we need your donations to train and support additional volunteers and continue our community education outreach and relationship development with young people. Our youth members continue to require concrete support for basic needs and enrichment so they can thrive.

Your donation supports:

  • $500 provides a one-week experience at camp including sleeping bag, camp supplies, and transportation
  • $400 pays for a week at Washington Business Week or other leadership experiences (after securing scholarship)
  • $300 purchases a basic laptop for community college
  • $250 provides a basic cell phone for one year, which keeps us connected to our young members.
  • $200 buys winter clothes for a teenager and a guided shopping trip to help them learn to shop for value.
  • $100-$200 provides athletic team costs (after securing scholarship)
  • $54 buys an Orca bus card for a month or a Washington State ID for job and college support
  • $30 provides a movie and simple meal for a child and a friend—a connection to healthy relationships.
  • $30 provides a sleeping bag for camp
  • $20 pays for basic cellphone service for a month