Our Program

Survive–Basic Needs

We recognize that there are youth and families in our community who need support to access basic food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. STAY Connected provides short-term emergency support and we help connect youth and families to community resources. During the last two years, we have more teens and young adults who are independent without parental support. Basic services are critical.

STAY Connected helps youths Survive:

  • Emergency support (housing, food & utilities)
  • School clothes; warm clothes; camp clothes
  • Basic health & dental care access – signing up for health care, arranging for providers, driving to appointments
  • ORCA – low income transportation passes for bus
  • Basic T-Mobile cell phones and plans to keep youth connected to their advocates, family and friends through our low-cost business group plan

Thrive–Learn & Grow

Children and teens need relationships with multiple caring adults. Life’s challenges can help develop problem-solving skills and resilience if there is support available. Without kindness, advice, and resources, challenges can overwhelm young people. STAY Connected provides pathways to thrive, not merely survive.

STAY Connected helps youths Thrive:

  • Educational advocating to ensure steady progress, support as needed & on-time graduation
  • Encouragement to pursue career preparation
  • Summer camp to maintain structure & supervision; develop social-emotional skills
  • Scholarship & application support
  • Consistent participation in youth athletics, arts
  • Help with school projects & course selection


Young adults continue to need supportive relationships as they consider job offers, make decisions about post-secondary education, and entertain offers to move away from home for jobs and opportunities.  The team of STAY Connected advocates continues to connect and support during these key years from 18-25.

About STAY Connected – Program Brochure